Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stolen Pictures?! Yes, my pictures were stolen!

Alot of you know that I post ads on Well I logged into my account to post ads last night and to my surprise another braider has STOLEN my picture! Here is the picture that was stolen (my YouTube subscribers will recognize this picture I'm sure). This picture is also on my current flyer and it has also been on past flyers. This picture is very popular because it has been stolen numerous amounts of times by different braiders. I am trying to take my picture being stolen as a compliment to my work but its still wrong.

I have since posted a ad on addressing the braider who stole my picture but a "client" of the other braider wrote a rebuttal to me stating that she would hate for the braider to lose clientele over this so....I decided you can read all the ads for yourself guys

Here is the other braiders ad (In the link braids that's where my picture is located. Also notice where she says here are "pictures of my work below")

Here is the link to my first ad about posting my picture

Here is the rebuttal from her "client"

Here is my second (and currently last ad)

Now I didn't write this post to put her on blast, I am writing it because I don't understand how you can call yourself a professional at anything with you lie to people about your job.

At the end of the day you can steal pictures from people but like I have said before all braids have a personality and no ones braids are identical. They can be similar but never identical.

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